Royal Leather Care

Your furniture supplier has provided you with one or more boxes/sets for treating your new upholstered furniture.
On the side of each box/set is a unique registration code.
To ensure that you have registered successfully, you need to enter all the registration codes you have received.

Have you received the correct number of sets/boxes?

You have purchased a 2-seater and a 3-seater = 5 seats. You should have received the correct number of boxes/sets for 5 seats (in total).

The number of seats that can be treated is shown clearly on the front of each box/set. Important! 2 dining room chairs = 1 seat.

If you have not received the correct number of boxes/sets from your furniture supplier, we advise you to contact your furniture supplier.
Any stains or dirt must also be reported via this website (under “Service request”)! You will need your original registration code + ID code.

These details will be sent to you by e-mail once you have registered (print this information and keep it a safe place)!

For registrations call: +31 (0)55 357 5411.